Tuniq TX3 Thermal Compound

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Tuniq TX3

Introduction of the Tuniq TX3

Not only is a good cooler needed to keep your processor's cooling under control. A good thermal compound is ideal in order to drop temps to a desirable level. For the longest time Arctic Silver has been the go-to compound of many no matter if you are a enthusiast or a first time PC builder. But over the past few years we have seen other companies produce grease that clearly outperformed every bodies favorite. We seen this from Tuniq in the form of TX-2, Noctua NT-H1 and many others. Tuniq is at it again with a new thermal grease called TX3 that is suppose to out due the previous TX-2 by more than two degrees according to Tuniq. We will have to see if these claims are true ourselves. Read on.

What Tuniq has to say about the TX-3

TX-3 is the highest performing thermal compound in the industry, bar-none!   Both non-toxic and non-conductive, the ultra small molecular structure of TX-3 enables the thinnest possible layer of thermal compound application while filling all the gaps between the cooler and the CPU for extreme thermal conductivity. 

If you are looking for the ultimate thermal compound, look no further, the TX-3 is the only choice for you, don’t take our words for it, try it and find out for your self!





 83500 cP

 Thermal conductivity

 6.2 W/mK

 Operating temperature

 -45°C ~ 200°C

 Specific Gravity

 3.011 @ 25℃


 1ml (3g)

Closer look

The TX3 comes in a slim 3 gram tube that should be enough to do about 20-30 application at a minimum depending on how you apply the grease to your CPU. On Tuniq they demonstrate the popular way to apply their thermal compounds which is lay two rows of grease and spread evenly with a credit card or something similar.

Tuniq TX3 Tuniq TX3

Tuniq TX3 Tuniq TX3

The grease on the inside of the tubing is grey in color and is non-conductive so it can be used in many different environments beside a CPU with out the fear of electrical damage to any surrounding components. The compound itself is thicker than that I am use to. Looking at the TX3 side by with the Arctic Silver you can see just what I am talking about.

Tuniq TX3
l. TX3 m. GC-1 r. Arctic Silver 5