Asrock Ion 330 Nettop PC

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Testing and benching

For testing we loading the latest version of Windows 7 64-bit with all the updates and latest drivers from Nvidia and Asrock.

Chances are a lot of individuals would purchase this type of setup for one of two reasons: as a home theatre box or a everyday system for web browsing, low level game playing and office production. So we decided to test based on the both setups.

We begin the whole testing phase simple by doing a fresh install of Windows 7. And to my surprise we were granted by a beautiful picture and wonderful sound. I was a far cry from my initial install of Win 7 beta. As I had to go through installing of various drivers and settings to get things to work. This is no fault of the nettop but of Windows. Even with everything working with the RC install of Win7 we still updated all drivers with the newest ones.

Asrock Ion 330 Nettop

One of my favorite movies is Samuel L. Jackson Formula 51 so this is what is playing on the screen below. The CPU usage shown in task manager says that we still have resources left over to multi-task a little.

Asrock Ion 330 Nettop

Idle temps were well within specs.

Asrock Ion 330 Nettop