Asrock Ion 330 Nettop PC

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Asrock Ion 330 Nettop

Introduction to the Asrock Ion 330 Nettop

Yeah it has been a long time coming. The day that we see low (I mean LOW) power systems in the form of desktops. For the past two years or so we have witness low power in the form netbook's or mini-pcs. From the start these little laptops have been a huge hit with college students, people on the go and the individual just looking for an inexpensive way to browse the internet. But honestly why should we not have this technology be more of a permanent solution and not just a portable one? Well it isn't anymore. Companies like ASUS, MSI and Asrock have been putting the Atom processor in to desktops which have are been labeled nettops.

The nettops may not give us the power that the SFF from Shuttle or other manufacturers. But they do allow us to keep more of our money in pockets at the end of the month. And if that isn't enough they take up less room than the SFF rigs. This along make them ideal for home theatre PC's and other places where space is an issue. And in many cases the lower profile makes them look better as well.

Our good friends at Asrock as grace us with one of their new Nettop Ion 330. This model is one of two that ASrock produces. The Ion 330 is based on the Nvidia Ion chipset obviously. And the other S330 is based on the Intel 945C chipset. They are both centered center the Intel Atom 330 dual core processor. The feature set of both are pretty similar as they both supply HD 1080P playback through HDMI, slim-line DVD device and a 2.5" hard drive. But the most important features once again are the small size, money saving and light multitasking. So, read on to see if the Nettop Ion 330 is a considerable unit to be place in your entertainment center.

A word from ASRock about the ION 330

ASRock ION 330 comes with the latest Atom™ + NVIDIA® ION™ graphics processor. It satisfies you with the high quality audio and visual environment. Comparing with other system configuration, ASRock ION 330 provides 10 times faster in speed for graphics and video encoding performance scaling. In addition, it also supports Full HD 1080p (Blu-ray /HD-DVD)* playback, 3D gaming, premium Windows® vista, and Windows® 7.