OCZ 750 Watt Fatal1ty Series Power Supply

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Visually, the OCZ Fatal1ty 750 watt power supply meets all the needs of someone looking for a gorgeous unit. The power supply is aimed at the gamer and enthusiast but we definitely have to throw in the modder as well. When trying to color coordinate the inside of your PC you can’t go wrong with this power supply. Reasons being is many of today’s PC cases have a black interior now and to go alone with that many of today’s motherboards are also black. All three in the mix is ideal.

Good looks are one thing but performance, efficiency and stability is another. This is the one reason we purchase a given power supply. Efficiency ratings are what we are looking for on the package of any power supply. And if you come across the box for this power supply you will see the huge 80Plus Bronze rating. We found in our simple test that the Fatal1ty offering from OCZ did pretty well. We a small drop in the 12 volt rail is all we saw but it was well within specs. Making it is a good buy.

Another feature that we looked in the Fatal1ty power supply was the lack of noise that normally comes for the fan. During the testing phase we ran the power supply with a passive cooled GPU just to see how quiet the unit was. We are happy to report that OCZ offering is one of the quietest power supplies that we have tested in a long time. Making it ideal for quiet PC builds.

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