Wintec Filemate SolidGo Silver 60GB SSD

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Introduction to the Wintec Filemate SolidGo Silver 60GB SSD

One of the things that I love about Wintec is their dedication to make digital media affordable and functional. One of the most useful devices I have used personally from any review I have done in the years of running Pro-Clockers is the Filemate Card-It-All. This little collection of media adapters and a microSD has been in everything of mine from cell to digital camera. And I am sure plenty of you out there can find many more areas in which to use it. Our next product from Wintec has dual purposes as well. The SolidGo SSD from the Silver series is an inexpensive solid state drive that can be use as a primary boot drive or be connected to a system via the embedded microUSB plug.

Solid state storage drives has become the must have device inside a PC in recent months. Easily one of the biggest upgrades that you will find to increase the performance of your system. Pricing has been the reason why many of us have not jumped on the wagon. Even with the decrease in pricing lately this drive can still cost you easily $200 for a mere 64GB drive. Wintec like many other companies make a few series of drives beginning with the budget low cost models using multi-level cell (MLC) to the more expensive higher performance single-level cell or SLC. Each will give your a noiseless drive while providing you with durable and incredible read and write times that a mechanical drive can not touch.

The new Silver series SolidGo drive we will take a look at today is based on the J-Micron JMF602 controller. Wintec wanted the drive to be affordable so this is the reasoning for using the controller. The numbers that we see from this unit is moderate at best but well enough for a entry level drive. According to Wintec the drive has a read/write of 160MB's and 90MB/s respectfully. This numbers are slightly better than the new Kingston V boot drive we are seeing a lot of reviews on. But in the case of the Wintec model you get 20 more gigs.

Wintec take on the SolidGo Silver SSD

The FileMate SolidGO 2.5” SATA SSD with Mini USB 2.0 drive delivers the performance of Solid State technology with embedded bad-block management and wear-leveling. These features, plus the lower power consumption, make the SolidGO drive an ideal solution for applications requiring durability. For ultimate flexibility, the SolidGO drive includes a mini USB 2.0 connector, so it can double as a portable external hard drive.