Apacer A7 Turbo A7202 64GB Solid State Drive

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Introduction to the Apacer A7 Turbo

For the longest time (about one year) I have been dreaming of the day that I could get a SSD in the palm of my hands. But due to the ridiculous pricing they were far from reachable. But times change and with SSD falling in place like hard drives and memory does after some time sitting on the shelves of your favorite computer store they are easier to obtain and better priced. But for many they are still priced just out of reach just to the point you can barely get a fingertip on it.

To remedy the price shock of SSD drives you have several routes in which you can take. The first one is to opt for a small size drive say a 32GB or even a 16GB units. This would be fine for a large majority of the population as many only want the drive for their OS and important applications. A second option is to look at units geared toward the mainstream audience. This would be the class our second SSD review will fall in. The Apacer A7 Turbo advertise some really impressive write/read times that would appeal to the likes of more knowledgeable PC users like gamers, enthusiasts and semi-professional.

Apacer take on the A7 Turbo

Smoothly play 50 movies, boot up in 20 seconds, enter an online game in 10 seconds, and finish disk defragmentation in 3 minutes? Where can one find such an astonishing drive read/write performance?

The latest super-speed A7 Turbo SSD with 128MB cache memory and a multi-channel synchronous transfer mode. With a sequential read/write speed of 230/200 MB/sec, A7 Turbo SSD 128/256 GB effortlessly breaks through the speed bottleneck of conventional drives and exceeds the amazing 1500X performance. Moreover, the ultra low 0.26W average power consumption ensures longer battery life for the laptop while operating in full speed. You will have an entirely different experience of extreme speed no matter you are doing professional works or playing games.