Verbatim 8 GB Tuff-Clip Flash Drive

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Introduction to the Tuff-Clip

Our lives come down to a succession of choices which inevitably lead us through our triumphs and failures. Not to discount random circumstance, clarity of purpose often ensures a more favorable outcome than cloudy half-formed goals listlessly pursued. I am willing to bet successful men and women are capable of narrowing down the sum of their lives to a few well-timed, ingenious decisions. However, the majority on the other side of the coin could list a litany of misfires, sins of omission and outright failures that led them down the wrong path.  A successful company can also be boiled down to correct choices made at the right time. When dealing with computer hardware manufacturers, the results are tangible, quality products. Like our individual lives, every product to hit the market is the culmination of decisions. Some are misfires and there are sins of omission and others are catastrophic failures. Today we're looking at the Verbatim 8 GB TUFF-CLIP, a great flash drive, showcasing what happens when a company makes all the right decisions.

Verbatim on the TUFF-CLIP

"Looking for a portable USB drive that’s tough enough for backpacks or key rings?  Check out the new Verbatim TUFF-CLIP™ USB Drive.  This rugged flash drive clips onto backpacks, belt loops or even notebooks.  With an easy slider that protects the USB connector, the TUFF-CLIP™ USB drive is super durable and great for music, videos, school projects or photos.  It also offers a password security feature that ensures you’re the only one who can access your important information.  This drive is enhanced for Windows® ReadyBoost™ for Windows 7 and Vista users. With the Verbatim TUFF-CLIP™ USB drive, just clip and carry your files with you!"

About Verbatim

"Since its beginning in 1969, Verbatim® has been at the forefront of the evolution in data storage technology. Today, more than 39 years later, Verbatim remains one of the most recognizable names in the data storage industry. 
Customer-driven, Verbatim is known for adding considerable product value--above and beyond its competitors--to established media technology. As an industry pioneer, Verbatim is recognized for the role it plays in early product development and commercial product introduction of new technologies. Verbatim's leadership role is especially apparent in the evolution of optical media recording including MO and the CD/DVD family of products.
Along with its technological innovations, Verbatim has always been recognized universally for its superior manufacturing practices. Verbatim was the first media company to receive ISO certification, the de facto standard for quality management systems worldwide. This commitment to quality translates into consistent product performance and reliability. In addition, Verbatim provides toll-free technical support and service to enable its customers to maximize the performance of its products.
As a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, a recognized world leader in the chemical and computer industries, Verbatim is ideally positioned to take advantage of changes in the market while continuing to challenge the frontiers of data storage."