Kingston SSDNow V+ 200 120GB Solid State Drive

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Closer look

The V+ 200 is one of four drives under the SSDNow Business marker. The others are the 100, 180, our 200 and the KC100. The first two models are based around the SATA I and II controller while the latter are on the more current SATA III controller but is backward compatible to the older two.

The V+ 200is a great deal for the consumer as well as for anyone in any type of business environment reason being the nice price point. For about $160 or so you can have one fine drive. Yes, we know that solid state drive prices are dropping like flies and many can be had for less than this asking price. But with the Kingston model you get a drive from a reputable company as well as a drive that does have any known issues. And plus the three warranty doesn’t hurt.

Another advantage for the Kingston drive is the added features that prolong the life of the drive and helps to protect your data. This begins with the DuraClass Technology with RAISE.  DuraClass is basically a list of features implemented by SandForce and Kingston to help the drive maintain to its high level of performance, help to increases the drive’s reliability and aids in garbage collection which we know can impact the performance of the drive.

There isn’t too much that can be said about the outside appearance of a SSD that hasn’t already being said. The V+ 200 comes in the standard 2.5” form factor based around a flat gray metal casing. For connectivity to the system board a SATA connector is used. As stated before this is a SATA III drive making advantage of the higher data transfer rate of the onboard controller.

Opening the drive up we see what it is actually made of. There are a total of sixteen Intel 8GB NAND modules; eight on one side and another eight on the opposite side. This are MLC NANDs made using 25nm architecture. Sitting along is the SandForce SF-2281 controller.