Corsair 128 GB Performance Series Pro Solid State Drive

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In today's market it is hard to find a solid state drive that is not driven by a SandForce controller. We have tested many with great results. But what about those that are looking for something different and not wanting to keep up with the masses. Well, Corsair who is also known for producing great SandForce drives like the Force series also offer a nice change in pace with the Performance Pro series.

The Performance Pro line-up offers great reliability and performance that will rival anything made by SandForce in most cases. Benchmarking programs really don't tell the story of typical day to day real world usage but they do tell us what a drive is capable of. And we saw this new drive hit the magically 500MB/s more than one time. This is what we have seen from the other controller as well.

The Performance Pro supports TRIM as well as has a advance garage collection feature that will allow the drive to perform at maximum levels no matter the process that is going on. And in order you advance of the garage collection feature you do not have to be running Windows 7 because it is built into the drive.

The Corsair Performance Pro 128GB model can be found running about $185 and up. This is a higher price than the Corsair Force 3 and Force GT which uses the SandForce controller.

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