OCZ Synapse Cache SATA III Solid State Disk

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We can sit here and say the drive is fast and it is, but then again what SSD isn’t. What makes this drive the drive that is it is the caching system. There is no easier way to get the same or greater than SSD performance from a mechanical drive. No matter what the size of the mechanical drive is.

In our testing we used a 5400 RPM 2TB drive which many consider slow. But once the Synapse was engaged the drive wake up and cranked out data faster than ever. And it was so easy to do. There was no need to upgrade motherboards or re-install anything.

Many will say why not just upgrade to a SSD and get it over with. That is the case for some but not all. Many of us need more capacity and purchasing 256 GB or larger solid state drives is out of the question. And raiding two drives can get is not reliable but the performance increase is nice.

The OCZ Synapse can be had for about $120, making it a good value.

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