Wintec Filemate SolidGo 48GB ExpressCard 34 Ultra SSD

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Introduction of Wintec Filemate ExpressCard 34 Ultra SSD drive

Today, we are going to take a break for the usual motherboard, cooling and memory reviews and getting into something many of us have never used before. We were contacted by Wintec to review one of their Filemate branded ExpressCard 34 Ultra SSD drives. The model we are taking a look at is the larger of the two they offer, 48GB. The other drive is a mere 24GB. The ExpressCard promises to be very fast storage media for your often accessed data or a nice boot drive in the right situation.

For those who require fast data transfers, the ExpressCard 34 Ultra is a nice substitute for the usual flash drive. The Card offers tremendous speeds. In fact, we have never seen speed like this from a flash drive. How does an advertised 115MB/s read and 65MB/s write sound? Not too bad, when you need your data in a hurry. The ExpressCard 34 Ultra SSD could be the ultimate data storage, but what if you don't have a expresscard slot? The card comes with a mini USB jack to connect to any PC or MAC. Well, that's enough for an introduction. Lets take a closer look at the Filemate.

Wintec on ExpressCard 34 Ultra SSD drive


The FileMate SolidGO ExpressCard 34 Ultra SSD provides a convenient plug-in storage for your notebook or portable device. The true PCI-E interface attains super fast direct access to the SSD. For ultimate flexibility, the SolidGO ExpressCard ultra drive includes a mini USB 2.0 connector, so it can double as a portable external hard drive for easy data transfer.

About Wintec

Wintec is a leading independent designer, manufacturer and supplier of value added memory modules to original equipment manufactures. Our manufactured products include Memory storage, Communications, and Video devices which we offer to customers worldwide. Along with manufacturing, Wintec provides highly integrated supply chain management services which allow customers to gain better control of their global supply chain through complex IT systems and optimized planning tools. Wintec also carries partners with its distribution suppliers to provide IT systems, peripherals, system components, software and networking products for thousands of independent resellers across the globe.