Coolermaster SNA-95 Laptop Power Adapter

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Introduction to the Coolermaster SNA-95

Most of our reviews are based on components that will make your rig bigger, better and faster. From time to time, we will get a product more a necessity than a need. Our next review is a case in point. Since I work mostly from a laptop, a good power adapter is needed. The laptop is about three years old and I have went through the original power adapter some time ago. Our good friends at Coolermaster have released a power brick that is able to power and charge most of your electronic devices. We will see if the new SNA-95 can bring life back to the old laptop.

Coolermaster take on the SNA-95

SNA 95 is designed based on the simple notion of providing Total Power Solution not only for laptop users, but most USB devices, mobile phones, smart phones, MP3 and MP4 players, iPod, PDA, and GPS.

As the smallest 95W adapter in the world, SNA 95 is offers excellent mobility with its slim design and light weight. The SNA 95 is user-friendly, providing convenient storage and cable management with its unique H-shaped reel base and velvet carry bag.

SNA 95 also features smart LED identification: white LED for power-on, white LED flicker for protection, and blue LED for USB-charge. The texture and design of SNA 95 is impeccably classic and elegant to be users’ first choice.