Coolmax ZP 1000 Watt Power Supply

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Introduction to the Coolmax ZP 1000

To upgrade one component on your computer often means upgrading of another part of your rig. One such scenario is the upgrading of graphic cards. Going from say a Nvidia GT260 to a GTX295 or even two of them would mean you will have to part with that low wattage power supply to a power house. Everyday, I see people building nice rigs to the highest extreme with dual GTXs or dual X2s. Building a box built on components like these means you will have to feed their powerful appetites for wattage. Get ready to fork out more of your hard earned money. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 or more usually does it for a good high quality power supply.

Well, our next product up for review is from  our good friends at Coolmax, a company who  believes you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get a high quality PSU. This is why they sent us over the ZP-1000. The ZP-1000 is a 1,000 watt partial modular unit that is meant to go up against the likes of Thermaltake, Corsair and the other big name manufacturers who dominate the power supply market. Even if you are not in the market for such a high output power supply at a price of $150, it may be something to consider as it would help in the future-proofing of your rig..

Coolmax's take on the ZP 1000

Many power supplies out there claim to deliver the best power available, but at what cost? The ZP series not only delivers you the power you need, but at the 80% Plus Bronze mark. In other words, the ZP series power supplies can render high voltage at an efficiency of 85% or higher without losing its functionality. Save money on your bills while utilizing your system to its full energy potential.