Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution 850W Power Supply

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The Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution is one of the quietest power supplies we have ever tested. At no point during out testing did we hear a sound from it. And you have to realize we test on an open-air system so this makes the sound level ever more impressive. Think about inside you case it only gets better. Using the Air Penetrator 139mm cooling fan pays off in this area.

Because Silverstone offer the new Strider in four power levels, one is definitely for you no matter your system. We tested the 850W model that would be ideal for a high-end system featuring a very high-end GPU or dual moderate level video cards. But for those needing massive amount of power there is a 1200W if you are planning on forking out the $1k on the new Nvidia GTX 690.

Everyone today is fans of modular power supplies it seems. So the masses should really enjoy the new Strider as it is 100% modular down to the main ATX connection. In writing this conclusion I actually found the answer to a question I asked earlier in the review. Why make all the cables on this power supply modular? Well, the answer could be that Silverstone does offer shorten cables for those that want a cleaner installer in limited spaces.

We are not able to test like some sites on the net but I can tell you in an everyday solution the Strider performance is as good as any power supply we have tested. The 80PLUS Gold rating just adds to the benefits of this great PSU.

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