Aerocool Strike-X 800W Power Supply

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Closer look

All of the products under the Strike X branding are well represented by the heavily used “X”. We have the GT Black case in house as well and it can be seen in it as well. Many of the companies that offer a gaming line base their products as well on a particular theme. But in the case of Aerocool they took it to another level. But before we really get into it let speak about the basic features of the power supply.

On the U.S. site there are a listing for only two models of this power supply which would be 600W and our 800W while the TW site list two each of the 500W and 600W models, 800W and a mammoth 1100W unit. Our unit carries 80PLUS Silver rating meaning it can maintain a efficiency of 88% or better on load. And for those looking to run multiple video cards, Aerocool states it support Crossfire and SLi technologies.

The power supply is of metal, mesh and anodized aluminum. The colors of the PSU are two different shades of red and black. One shade is the typical red and the other is a dark red. The surfaces of the PSU are a mixture of smooth layers as well as rough layers. Throughout the review you will see just what I am talking about.

We first begin with the intake side of the PSU or the side the fan is on. This side is a mixture of the two surfaces we just mentioned. The large “X” grill is that is painted red while the center of the “X” is made of a black mesh. The rest of the side is of a rough texture but still flows with the theme of the power supply. Some may so the “X” will restrict the intake of air from enter the unit. But Aerocool has implements a patent fan grill design that helps the cold air circulation better and force warm air out. Basically what happens is there are four angled slants on one side of the fan housing that once air enters the fan that air and the air produced by the fan is directed toward the rear of the PSU housing. The fan measures 140mm and is PWM controlled.

Each side of the unit has stickered graphics on them. The first side has a large “X” with the wattage amount printed on it. The opposite has the usual numbers that describes the rail’s wattage and ampere on it. In the case of this unit it has a single 12v rail that has a total of 65A.

The Strike X uses the typical honeycomb mesh to allow warm air to exit. This side is rather smooth and painted red.

The opposite end is where we get our first evidence that the PSU is modular. There are a set of permanent placed cables which are the main ATX, CPU EPS and PCIe. Additional PCIe and SATA extensions are divided between six plug-ins.

Cable Connections

20/4 Pin ATX

4+4 Pin EPS

4 Pin Molex


6 Pin PCIe

6+2 Pin PCIe


8 Pin EPS

Aerocool Strike X 800W