OCZ 1000W Fatal1ty Series power Supply

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Introduction to the OCZ 1000W Fatal1ty Series Power Supply

When isn’t a 1000 watt power supply not a 1000 watt power supply? The answer is pretty simple it is when manufacturers skip out on the high quality components needed for such a power supply. Also, when the same manufacturer skips out on the necessary cooling to satisfy such a power supply. Many companies believe throwing 1000W watts on a box is all it takes to get some people to buy their products. And unfortunately a lot of people fall for this.

Thank God we have companies like OCZ and many others that is dedicated to giving the consumer what they want. We have reviewed many of OCZ’s power supplies over the years and have yet to be disappointed. Today, we got a hold of their newest power unit which does boast 1000 watts of available power but that is not the only good point of this new beast. Besides all the numbers we will be talking about in the review, the cables themselves are what we like.