Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 1050W Supply

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Introduction to the Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 1050W Supply

Cooler Master is no stranger to making some pretty reliable power supplies. If you take a look at our Power Supply review section you will see there are many different models by them, encompassing a wide range of users from the causal PC user to the all-out PC gamer. Their Silent Pro Gold 800W, as it just so happens, is pumping along in my daily rig as I type this new review.

The Silent Pro Gold series being one of Cooler Master's best selling power supplies, which they now have decided to take it one step further. Entitled the Silent Pro Hybrid, the new series adds a feature that many will find to be pretty helpful when the load and heat begins to build up. A fan controller is thrown into the packaging to allow the user to dial in the desired speed of the cooling fan for the power supply. So, if noise becomes an issue while computing, simply knock it down a notch.

Cooler Master’s take on the Silent Pro Hybrid

Silent Pro hybrid 1050W is part of Cooler Master’s first fully modular power supply series with integrated dual 7V fan ports. It utilizes a single powerful +12V rail that operates at over 90% efficiency and carries an 80Plus Gold

A fan speed controller is included in the package. It occupies a 5.25” drive bay and enables a user to control the Silent Pro Hybrid 135mm Silent Hydraulic Bearing fan along with up to three system fans.