LEPA B850-MA 850 Watt Power Supply

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Introduction to the LEPA B850-MA 850 Watt Power Supply

As gamers and enthusiasts push PC systems to their limits they will continually be in need of power supplies that both strong and reliable enough to keep them running. Think about it; we now have PC’s built around multiple video cards, high powered processors, plus several hard drives and these rigs needs a solid power supply that can handle all this mass. No one knows this need better than Ecomaster, who happens to be the U.S. agent (distributor) for the LEPA, Enermax and NAXN brands.

Today's power supply sample is a beefy 850W model from the respectable LEPA brand called the B850-MA, which Melissa and Ecomaster were kind enough to send over to us. This is a high power, high performance modular power supply that has four 12v rails, all rated at least 20A in order to support multi-core processors and multiple-GPU rigs. You are not only guaranteed stable power but all the protections needed to safeguard your precious rig and boast an 82PLUS Bronze efficiency rating.