OCZ ZX Series 850W Power Supply

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Introduction to the OCZ ZX Series 850W Power Supply

As of late we are seeing OCZ focus more on solid state storage devices. Rightfully so, as SSD drives are fast becoming popular as the prices rocket toward an affordable level. Besides memory, which are what most of us know OCZ for, they also produce their fair share of power supply models. Many of them under the reputable PC Power & Cooling label, but most are released under their own OCZ trademark. Today, we will be taking a look at a model from their newer the ZX line.

The ZX series comes in three wattage levels beginning with our review sample's 850W, then jumping up to the 1000W and ending with the almighty 1250W. The entire series boast a single 12v rail with a minimum 70A, and enters the market as OCZ's top enthusiast model line. Geared at top end gamering and enthusiast systems, that are into multi-GPU rigs whether it’s SLI or Crossfire. Topping this bad boy off is that it is ultra quiet. Read on.

OCZ’s take on the ZX Series

The ZX Series is the unsurpassed solution for driving today's Enthusiast and gaming systems. It has the ability to easily power both NVIDIA® SLI™ and ATI CrossFire™ modes, supporting even the most power hungry GPUs with multiple GPU configurations. Industrial-grade yet designed with enthusiasts, gamers and modders in mind, this PSU is stable, robust, and sports a sleek look and the most compact form factor of its class.

Kept ultra-cool with a load-controlled ultra quiet 140mm fan, the ZX Series was engineered to be the quietest PSU available and eliminate distracting noises from your PC. Highly efficient, featuring up to 92% efficiency at typical load and up to 89% at full load, this leading-edge power supply remains rock solid and powerful while retaining superior efficiency under load. The OCZ ZX Series provides universal Input and Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) to effectively regulate input voltage across worldwide power grids and maintain an economical, stable supply of power.

Backed with OCZ’s 5-year “power swap” warranty, the OCZ ZX Series PSU gives you the ultimate power and peace of mind to ensure the stability, low noise, optimized air flow, and efficiency of your gaming system.