Antec High Current Gamer HCG-750 Power Supply

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Introduction to the Antec High Current Gamer HCG-750 Power Supply

Antec is no stranger to high quality power supplies. Over the years we have seen their TruePower Quattro and Signature Series get high praise all across the web. Both of which are intended for those that want the best in power supply technology to protect their precious PC components. Especially for the gamers that run dual, or more, graphic cards as they would really benefit from the quality of such power supplies.

Recently Antec released another high grade series of power supplies titled High Current Pro [HCP]. The series definitely lives up to its name, with models ranging from 750 to 1200 watts, and have gotten the 80PLUS Gold rating for being able to maintain whopping 90+% efficiency rating on 1/2 load. Crossfire and SLI certified, heavy duty gauge wiring and eight 12 volt rails make the HCP is a monster waiting to unleashed.

While Antec's new High Current Pro are certainly amazing units, if you don't necessarily need all that raw power, you may be asking: "So does Antec have anything other new PSUs worth investigating?" Oh, we're glad you asked! As it just so happens, they have also rolled out the High Current Gamer series as an alternative to the HCP models. These aren't a horribly de-tuned model either, as you still have multiple GPU support, the same high quality build and multiple 12v rails. On top of that, the looks of these Gamer models, is pretty dam attractive! So with that, we are pleased to bring you the HCG-750, or the 750W model from the new Antec High Current Gamer line.

Antec’s take on the HCG 750

Making quad rail power and highly advanced power supply design available at a popular wattage, the HCG-750 features special High Current connectors and heavy-duty cabling, earning it NVIDIA® SLI®-Ready and ATI™ CrossFire™ certifications. At the same time the HCG-750 is also 80 PLUS® Bronze certified for efficiency, and features active PFC with a swift, quiet 135 mm double ball bearing fan so you know you're getting not only High Current, but also high efficiency and excellent cooling. If loads of power, High Current engineering and exceptional efficiency are what you're after, the HCG-750 is the perfect PSU for you.