Razer Destructor Mouse Pad

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When comparing the Destructor to my old mousepad there is no competition. The Destructor is as smooth and accurate as you can get. Now I see why so many gamers endorse the unit. Even with my Logitech mice, the Destructor performed as well as advertised.

The size and the non-slip back is always a great comfort. My style of mouse use consists of my unconsciously picking up the mouse and dropping it down again on the pad. At no time did the pad shift. Because of the size of the pad  whenever I picked up the mouse it always landed on the pad. Good thing for me and my desk. Damage to the desk means damage to my backside from my wife.

One thing many of us would find a little disappointing about the Destructor would be the $40 you would have to hand over in order to get one. All of the more respectable online shops sold it at this price.

The Destructor is worthy of the best awards and in this case the Editor’s Choice.

Destructor award