Razer Destructor Mouse Pad

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The best way to test a mousepad is to couple it with your favorite mouse and see how it reacts. In this case we placed my Logitech G9 atop the Destructor.

Destructor 13

Destructor 14

I loaded up a few of the games that I am currently playing to see how well the mouse and the Destructor would react. In games where you have to be quick and precise we had to lower the DPI on the G9 just a bit to 1200 as settings higher than this was just too fast for me.

To take testing one step further we plugged in the G5 I use on my laptop to test the Destructor as well. Things were pretty much the same. Smooth sailing across the entire surface of the pad. Not being much older than the G9 I suspected the results would be as they were.

When it came to browsing the web and doing everyday things the Destructor was more than effective. Maybe too effective. This is a gamers’ pad for real.