Razer Destructor Mouse Pad

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Closer look

The Destructor was actually much thinner than I thought it would be. The pad was about as thin as two coins stacked on top of each other. A rubber bottom and a plastic top is what makes up the ultra thin Destructor. The top of the mat is what is most important when it comes to the pad which benefits from Razer’s Fractual surface. The whole idea of the Fractual surface is to be more reflective which allows better response times from optical and laser mice. If you take Razer’s word for it the Destructor is 37% faster when it comes to acceleration.

Destructor 5

Destructor 6

We did mention earlier that the Destructor is really thin but how does 2.3mm in height sound? The over all size of the Destructor is impressive, measuring 350mm by 280mm.

Destructor 7

Destructor 8

When it comes to shape there isnt too much to talk about here. Razer uses  an arch where you  place your wrist possible for better support. Razer made sure the pad had maximum surface area for big time fragging. Note the Razer and Destructor logos in the pad.

Destructor 9

Destructor 10

Destructor 11

The Destructor doesn’t use pads or feets to hold the pad in place. That is the job of the rubber bottom.

Destructor 11

Destructor 12