JetArt MousePal

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Introduction to the JetArt MousePal

I like mouse pads. With modern mice, it's easy to get along without one, but I can't for long. I've had big ones, small ones, ones with kittens printed on them, ones with puppies, ones with built-in wrist pads, ones built for gaming and sound dampening mats that weren't made for mice. Fortunately, they're not overly expensive and they last forever. Now, my preference in mouse paddery is definitely leaning toward the gaming side of the spectrum. Yet, gaming pads tend to be larger than normal and are not appropriate for every situation. If you're sitting at a restaurant, sipping coffee and twittering, you don't need a mouse pad to cover your entire table.  That's where the JetArt MousePal 2000 comes in. Not small by any stretch of the imagination, it's never going to double as a tablecloth.

JetArt on the MousePal

"Computer peripherals and digital devices are becoming increasingly diverse while computers serve as singular data processing centers. Gadgets that connect to our PCs are rapidly outgrowing the number of available built-in connector ports. Have you ever counted the number of transfer cables lying on your desk right now? Is it not time to stop the hassle of plugging in and unplugging cables to use different devices? 

MP2000 is the multifunctional mousepad designed just for you. The superfine microfiber surface provides high optical resolution, fast response, and precision positioning to give you that extra edge over generic mousepads. While the ergonomic angled design and silky touch is comfortable to your hand all the time. This product also makes smart use of limited mousepad space to build in 4-port USB 2.0 Hub for all USB devices. You won't have to put up with the messy desk or frequent plugging in and unplugging cables from the day you start to work with the MP2000."

Okay, so the MousePal isn't just another mousepad. Nope. It's also a 4-port USB Hub. That's pretty sweet. Let's get reviewing in here.