Asrock X79 Extreme9 Socket 2011 Motherboard

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Introduction to the Asrock X79 Extreme9 Socket 2011 Motherboard

It isn’t often that we review a motherboard containing a new chipset we get super excited about reviewing the next one. We recently reviewed our first Intel X79 motherboard which was the Gigabyte X79-UD3. A great motherboard with a lot of features for a small price, well concerning how much an X79 motherboard cost. Like I said normally we take on the next board with a lackluster attitude. Mostly because there is very little performance to be had within the same chipset. But when Clarinda from Asrock stated we would be receiving their top-end X79 board, we immediately got excited.

The X79 Extreme9 shares the spotlight with the newly released X79 Professional which is under the Fatal1ty line. The Extreme9 has the features and options that the hard-core overclocker and enthusiast will look for in a new board to play around with. It begins with the 16+2 power phase configuration along with high-end caps and full featured AXTU overclocking software. But the overclocker isn’t the only people Asrock is aiming the Extreme9 at. There are the gamers as well. But what is it in for them? Read on and find out.

Asrock’s take on the X79 Extreme9

The new 32nm architecture processor, codenamed Sandy Bridge-E, is aimed at unlocking the full potential of Intel’s PC. ASRock X79 Overclock KING Motherboard Series push Intel Core™ i7 processors to the limit, giving extreme value for overclockers.