ASUS P8P67 Socket 1155 Motherboard

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Key Features

12+2 Phase DIGI+ VRM

12 phases for CPU with 2 dedicated phases for the memory controller. ASUS combines digital and analog VRM into one, allowing for much quicker switching, while also being extremely accurate. With the lack of power loss means everything is running more efficient and there is less heat produced under load.


With everyone worried about electricity costs, many motherboard manufacturers have adopted some type of option to allow the motherboard to run on less power. ASUS has also done this through the EPU. The option is accessible via the BIOS or through a switch that placed on the motherboard. This feature stably downclocks the system when less processing power is required and also cuts out the unneeded phases, all together decreasing the amount of wattage consumed by the system.


One of the major reasons for buying a motherboard like the P8P67 Pro is for its overclocking features. With the TPU micro-processor higher overclocks are easier to achieve simply using the TurboV application within the AI Suite, or through an onboard controller. Once the process begins the system will be overclocked to a fast and stable speed that is not from a predetermined value. Each time the process begins it is a unique conclusion.


Those that are fond of their portable devices will love this new feature from ASUS. Enabling the Bluetooth on your portable opens up a world of adventure with an ASUS compatible motherboard. Through this feature you can now get your portable device online, transfer files from one device to another and sync folders with an external hard drive (with one touch backup function). One feature of the BT GO we think many will like is the music player. With this player you can play all your music from your portable device and output the audio to your PC speakers.