Asrock M3A785GMH/128M Socket AM3 Motherboard

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Introduction to the Asrock M3A785GMH/128M

With the production shortage of HTPC that support full sized motherboard, mATX motherboards own a huge marjority of the market. There is a reason why many media center case makers restrict their cases to such a size. There are few people who need the few advantages a full size motherboard has in this type of environment. Not many people need more than one PCIe slot. Only a few would need more than two DIMM slots and very few need the crazy cooling offered on the larger boards. Companies like Asrock and the many other motherboard manufacturers know this and make motherboards like the one I am about to test.

The Asrock M3A785GMH/128M is a prime example of what a media board needs to offer: numerous SATA ports, high quality on-board graphics, decent memory supports good audio. The M3A785GMH/128M has all of this and the Asrock name standing behind it. Centered around the Radeon HD 4200 iGPU, it has access to 512MB of video memory, support for DirectX 10.1 and if for some reason you need more video power, then hybrid Crossfire is a option.