OCZ Low Latency Blade DDR3 1600MHz Triple Channel Memory

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OCZ Low Latency Blade DDR3 1600MHz Triple Channel Memory


Now that the launch of the Intel i7 has come and gone the newest processor from Intel is the CPU of choice for many enthusiasts and gamers. But the biggest buyer of the processor is the overclocker. And these same people are the ones that are looking to get the most out of the processor even if the CPU is fast as all heck at stock.

Besides the CPU, in order to get the most of a system built around the i7 you need not only the right processor but a good motherboard and some pretty good ram. All these components determine if you will get a measly 3.8GHz or the 4.2GHz which is the goal of most.

One of the first companies to put forth a good set of triple channel memory was OCZ. Surprised? Probably not. We tested their 3GB 1333MHz kit some time back. But in the quest to get all you can get from a lonely 920 you need some massive bandwidth. That is why we are taking a long look at OCZ's newest series of triple channel memory, the Blade. The Blades sports new heat spreaders and some incredible timings to go along with the 1600MHz of bandwidth.

What will OCZ have to say

The Blade Series Triple Channel Memory kit is the latest maximum-performance RAM designed specifically for the Intel® Core™ i7 processor / Intel® X58 Express Chipset. The Blade Series harnesses industry-leading speeds at the low voltage required to safely run Core i7’s triple channel mode. With the ideal combination of all the factors that formulate the ultimate memory solution— density, speed, latency, and an effective new cooling design—the Blade Series is guaranteed to please enthusiasts looking to take the hottest Intel platform to new heights.

The Blade heat spreaders aims to enhance heat dissipation to improve the longevity and stability of the modules while keeping a sleek, low profile. The new propriety design has numerous channels that increase the surface area to more efficiently offload heat away from the memory chips and PCB. Push your gaming or overclocking rig to the extreme with the superior thermal solution and unmatched speeds of the high-end Blade Series memory modules.

Whether seeking maximum frame rates in the latest PC titles or yearning for the highest benchmark record, the Blade Series was developed for gamers and overclockers looking to make the most of their high-performance systems.