OCZ DDR 1600MHz Platinum Extreme Low Voltage

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Once again OCZ delivered when it came time to produce a quality product based around current trends. At the moment that current trend is ‘green’ and it is even a direction that hard-core enthusiast are starting to follow. Right now it is about how low of voltage you can get your ram while maintaining tight timing. With the Extreme Low Voltage kits from OCZ you don’t have to waste a lot of timing, testing, then benching different parameters to get the lowest voltage with the tightest timings. They did it all for you. This particular kit ran at 1.35 volts with 7-8-8-24 timings and it does so stably. There was no reason to increase the voltage even slightly to get the kit to perform as advertised. 

If you are in to overclocking and want to get more from this kit, well unsurprisingly you won’t be able to at the stock voltage. We managed a mere 40MHz extra frequency bandwidth at it. We were not able to tighten the 6-6-6-20 with this voltage as we had to up it to 1.6 voltages in order to accomplish that.

Raising the voltage to 1.65v, which is standard for most kits currently about, we managed to get the bus up to 1852MHz at both 8-8-8 and 9-9-9. Yes, that's right, sadly both sest of timings resulted in the same results.

True we did not see crazy overclocks with this kit, but that is not what it is intended for. It is meant to satisfy the needs of the person looking to run their ram at the lowest voltage while still maintaining tight timings. For those looking for those features it gets none better than this kit from OCZ.

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