Mionix Saiph 1800 Gaming Mouse

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Introduction to the Mionix Saiph 1800

Like to play video games?  Hardware is important. Like to play multi-player video games, then hardware becomes even more so. Is your top priority to electronically crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of their women?  Chances are you probably own the best rig you can afford. When deciding what hardware to buy, most of your checklist should be a no-brainer. Video card? Check. Great CPU, motherboard and memory? Check, check and more check. Most people "in the know" will tell you good gaming peripherals should also be on that list. If you play Real Time Strategy games, you should have a keyboard with a host of programmable keys. If you're into First Person Shooters, then a good mouse is a necessity. However, not just any mouse will do. It has to have more than the standard left and right buttons and scroll wheel. It has to have multiple programmable buttons, quickly respond to your touch and feel right in your hand. But in fact, that's not enough anymore. It should also give you the ability to control its DPI while you're in-game to allow adjustments to your aiming technique on the fly. Ladies, Gentlemen, gamers and site-lurkers: I give you the Saiph 1800 from Mionix. Read on to find out why you might just throw out your current gaming mouse.

A word from Mionix about the Saiph 1800

"Mionix Saiph 1800 is a high quality gaming mouse with great precision. The sensitivity is adjustable in-game from 400 to 1800 dpi for games that requires different types of sensitivity. Saiph is ergonomically designed to fit the natural position of the hand. Five programmable buttons included the macro function (scroll wheel and two side buttons)."

About Mionix In Their Own Words

"Stars have always been important to every culture or ideology. In many regions they were also identified with gods, spirits, mysticism and priests by their people. Stars have been used in religious practices but even for navigation. Many stars and even the sun have their own myths and the most prominent stars were also given powerful names. In some cultures stars were thought to be the souls of dead kings and gods. Mionix gaming gear like this individual prominent stars have their own myths. Mionix gaming gear, just like stars has unique characteristics and capabilities.

Mionix was founded in 2007 and our head office is situated in south of Sweden. Our goal is to develop gaming gear with high performance and suitability for all type of players. Mionix stands for quality, design and a touch of innovation. Our crew are all specialists with a lot of experience of e-gaming which is a must to be able to bring forward top products to gamers. All Mionix products are named after visible stars in the sky and the combination of innovation & performance helps you to stay 'light-years ahead of the game'!"