Coolermaster CM Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse

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Closer look at the Sentinel

We bragged about how long the Sentinel Advance was and we will not go on any farther about it. But when you look at the Sentinel for the first time you can see nothing but Coolermaster style written all over it. The Sentinel is mostly black with hints of gray in various locations. Not only being very snazzy but it has some features that you may have never heard of before. First, would be the dual laser to increase the accuracy of the mouse. And how about the 5600 DPI rating that does hand and hand with the dual laser. At this speed you should be the fastest in your favorite fragging environment.

Taking a quick tour of the mouse we see there are several buttons located on the top of the mouse alone. A total of three buttons and a scroll wheel will allow you to do everything from changing the DPI which are the duties of the two buttons atop the mouse to changing between the four profiles that you can configure with the included software. Also located on top of the Sentinel is a OLED screen that displays the profile that you are currently in. Instead of designating colors to indicate what profile the user is in, the Sentinel spells it out. You can even use your own logo in place of the CM one within the OLED screen. 

The sides of the Sentinel are well suited for the hands of the user as they are small pads of rubber to help grip the mouse. I am a big fan of the Gigabyte M8000 but the one thing that I noticed over weeks of usage is I often clicked the side buttons a lot as I have a habit of picking up the mouse during usage. This was not the case for the Sentinel as the buttons are recessed more into the body of the mouse. 

The bottom of the Sentinel looks similar to other gaming mice on the market. Many companies are producing mice with the availability of adding weight to make them more comfortable for the end-user. In the case of the Sentinel all the weight available is already in place. A total of five 4.5 gram inserts for an extra 22.5 grams of weight. Also we have the heart of the Sentinel which is the dual 5600 DPI lasers.