Coolermaster CM Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse

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Introduction to the CM Storm Sentinel Advance

There are so many great gaming mice out there to choose from. Logitech, Razer and Microsoft pretty much own the market in this category of mice. It is really hard to top them when it comes to fragging and casting spells from your desktop. Lately it seems that other companies are starting to venture into the mice manufacturing world. Last month we took a look at Gigabyte's offering. A fast laser mouse that surprised the heck out of us. And today we will be taking a look at a new mouse from a surprising source.

Coolermaster is one of the leaders in power supply and case manufacturing. But today we will see if they can hit a high note with their new venture the Sentinel Advance dual laser mouse. With the recession the way it is today even large companies have to create a new hustle in order to stay above water. And the new Sentinel maybe the right hustle for Coolermaster as it is large and in charge. The features are one thing but before we even plugged it into the USB port we feel in love with the size of the mouse. My narrow long finger felt right at home on the Sentinel. It was like it was an natural extension of my hand. I think this is what Coolermaster was aiming for with the Sentinel. 

CM Storm's take on the Sentinel Advance

Dominate the competition and strike fear in your foes with the latest CM Storm Tech - The Sentinel Advance.

This technological marvel utilizes the latest innovations in cutting-edge technology: 5600 DPI twin laser, rapid fire mode, internal Sentinel-X™ memory and our patented security, Storm Guard™; The Sentinel Advance is designed for one purpose and one purpose only - to search and destroy.

Overpower your enemies with speed and precision beyond their imagination. Conquest is at your fingertips - Sentinel Advance.