Aerocool Touch 2000 Touch Panel

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Aerocool Touch 2000 Touch Panel

Introduction of the Aerocool Touch 2000 Touch Panel

Over the years we have bought to you many of Aerocool's cases and coolers. But Aerocool is so much more than a case or a cooler. They have produced their share of front panel devices. Devices that either aid in give internal temperature and spin rotation or help in powering your favorite portable device.

Sometimes these frontal devices are more interesting than cases and some of the other things we review on a daily basis. And this next item is one of those times. The Aerocool Touch 2000 is a handy little display that allows the user to keep a watchful on eye the internal working of the PC. And if any adjustments are needed its done via touch and not the clicking of little buttons. Lets take a closer look at the Touch 2000.