Roccat Isku Gaming Keyboard

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The Roccat Isku is one of the better gaming keyboards I have tested and I have tested several. The Isku offers levels of customization that is unheard of. The five macros keys on the side, the macros keys around the WASD keys and the thumb macros are more than enough to satisfy the most advanced gamers. The REC feature will allow the gamer to record macros once in a game and when it gets to point where you need or want a series of keys assigned to just one. And adding the macros abilities of the Isku you can control the macros of the Kone [+] mouse as well. Its gets no more customizable than the Isku.

The looks of the Isku definitely says ‘Gamer’. It’s not a look for everyone but a gamer but this is who the keyboard is targeted at. The all black look with blue backlighting looks cool. But on the highest brightness level is hard on the eyes in my case but on lower levels is more suitable. The keyboard is rather large and takes up a lot of territory on your desktop. And the fact that the wrist rest is not detachable is not helping it in this area.

General typing on the Isku isn’t going to blow you away as many think general typing on a gaming keyboard is not a pleasant one. For the chicken picking typist will not feel a difference. The more advance and faster typist may feel the mechanical keyboard is more suitable. But this is a gaming keyboard and it is great at that. Except for the distance of the macros keys on the side.  

The Roccat Isku is a bargain compared to some keyboards. The prices online begin at $90.

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