Genius Ring Presenter Wireless Device

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Using the Ring Presenter in either environment is pretty simple and straightforward. The only aspect of the Ring we felt took any getting use to were functions as a mouse. Simple because on a traditional mouse you have several buttons to do what is needed here you have a D-pad and a center button to accomplish all the function of a regular mouse.

The slide switch of the Ring is pretty tiny and only a slight movement is needed to select your function. Those with fat finger tips may have to resort to using your nails if you have any. And if that is not the case have fun. I outfitted three different people with the Ring and two of the three placed the Ring just after the first joint pass the fingertip while the other slide it all the way down the entire finger next to the last joint where the finger meets the hands. I was one of the two. This was more comfortable for me as it felt like I was aiming a gun.

The speed of the mouse can be adjusted from Auto, 250 to 1250 DPI. This doesn’t seem fast but for a device like this I believe it is plenty. While working within a document I choose the slower setting and when using the entire screen Auto and the faster settings were great. I even connected to my HTPC to navigate through music and movie titles using the Auto setting.