Cooler Master Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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For the gamers out there the Cooler Master Trigger maybe the first keyboard to really play the part. It has the looks of a real gaming keyboard and the feel of what we have come to expect from a good solid mechanical keyboard. Finally, the gamers out there can have a keyboard to call their own.

The looks of the Trigger are one not everyone is going to like. Because it doesn't resemble that of the traditional mechanical keyboard. The rugged looks and the overall shape do set it apart from the masses. But eventually that plain Jane look will have to evolve to a point where it will appeal to others.

I have used the Trigger from a couple of weeks now and have enjoyed it every second I have spent on it. From general type to data entry to all out gaming, the board did not miss a step. The back light is ideal for me anyways. At night it makes it much easier to type as I am not the best by any means.

The ability to set macros and have them stored directly onto the memory of the keyboard is great from the gamer that may go from machine to machine. Now they do not have to worry about re-doing the macros each and every time. And the five profile setting allows the user to adjust the keyboard to a particular application.

At $120, this is not a bad deal at all.

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