Cooler Master Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Introduction to the Cooler Master Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Today, we are taking a look at latest Cooler Master mechanical to hit the market. The keyboard is the Trigger and it is the third mechanical to be manufactured by Cooler Master. The other two would be the QuickFire Rapid and the QuickFire Pro. Both great keyboards and they both contained the MX Switches (Blue and Brown) which we love.

The Trigger also uses the beloved Brown keys just like the QuickFire Pro. Well on this part of the planet, different regions will see different switches on the shelves of the local PC stores. But I am informed that Cooler Master may offer the other three versions within the CMStore. It would be nice to give the buyer a choice of what keys he/she wants.

What makes the Trigger different from the Pro is on the surface. The trigger has that true ‘gaming’ look and macros keys. The rugged looks makes it a true Cooler Master product. But what else is there about this keyboard to make you want to buy it? Read on to find out.

Cooler Master’s take on the Trigger

Whether the weapon is chosen or that weapon chooses you, the Trigger mechanical gaming keyboard is prepared with a full featured arsenal that incorporates a selection of extremely high durability CHERRY MX Black, Blue, Brown, or Red switches*.

*The availability of CHERRY MX switch types will vary based on region.