Genius DeathTaker MMO/RTS Gaming Mouse

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Performance-wise the Genius DeathTaker fared pretty decently. No matter the activity the sled across our mouse pads with ease. It ran across the pad so easily and smooth that I found myself lowering the DPI settings to compensate. This was definitely the case when it came to fast action gaming. With a really good pad and the DeathTaker you will find yourself tweaking the DPI (as well as the X/Y DPI) to levels you are comfortable with.

I would like to complement Genius on their first gaming mouse as it is full of features. So, often we find mice on the market that companies like to label ‘gaming’ but lack the functionality of a real gaming mouse. But when you can set more than just the DPI levels like macros recording, stored profiles and many other options then you can call your product a gaming mouse.

Speaking of customizing the mouse to your liking, you can adjust the lighting of the mouse.

One feature we thought was great and we see this in many mice on the market is the addition extra weight elements. Every gamer has his/her idea of how much a mouse should weigh and this feature will let you deal in just the right weight. But for my taste I found the mouse still a little too light and this was with all the weights in place. This could be also to the fact the mouse itself is smaller than most.

The software that comes with the DeathTaker is pretty easy to use. Except for the Marcos section that will take a little getting used to. If you call yourself a gamer and have actually owned gaming mice before this section shouldn’t be a problem. We found the software freezes just slightly while playing with the software especially when trying to try the colors of the mouse lights.

The DeathTaker will sit you back $79.99 putting it in the company of some fine mice. Being their first gaming mouse it may be hard to convince someone that has never used your products before to buy it at this price. Undercutting the competition maybe a good idea.


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