Genius DeathTaker MMO/RTS Gaming Mouse

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The software that comes with the DeathTaker is pretty straightforward for the most part but can get a little complicated when it comes to the macros section. An experience gamer should have no problems with walk right through the software app and getting the mouse set up. A novice should take their time and even experiment a little till it where they want it.

The front screen is one of the basic screens you will see within the application. Here you are given the opportunity to assign buttons whatever task you want as well as profiles. The nice feature here is you can “instant shift” to macros keys within a profile that you are not technically in at that moment. Profiles can be saved for later customization or use with other computers.

Setting up your macros is done on the very next page. Many will spend the bulk of their time right. Here you can give a button or series of buttons a particular task. The task can include a series of assigns to make just one move. Within the assignment you can order short delays as everything does not have to happen instantly.

The speed and sensitivity of the mouse’s buttons and DPI can be set from the Advance setting screen. Here you can set everything from the scroll speed to polling rating. Here you can also assign the DPI levels to the DPI button on the mouse. This is what will be most commonly used with many PC users.

Lastly, you can see the color, intensity and pulsation rate of the color on the last screen of the application. The whole feature is a 16 million color system.