Genius DeathTaker MMO/RTS Gaming Mouse

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Closer look

The DeathTaker definitely does look the role of a gaming mouse with all its buttons, lights and graphics. The shape is another reason why you cannot mistake this mouse for anything but gaming. The DeathTaker sports the very popular claw-style format. Claw-style in my opinion result in faster finger to button reaction when it comes to the left/right click buttons.

Anyways, the DeathTaker is not aggressive looking as some of the other gaming mice on the market. It’s pretty subtle compared to the likes of the Mad Catz R.A.T. series. The unit comes in black and silver and comes with nine buttons which we will talk about as we make the rounds with the mouse.

The back of the DeathTaker has a killer looking scorpion painted on it giving it a real gaming look. But the panel in which the scorpion is painted is just a cover for where the weight would go if you decide to use them. The cover is held pretty solidly, so no need to worry about it slipping off. The mouse comes with six 4.6 grams metal pieces so you can customize the weight of the DeathTaker to your liking. The weights are placed in a rubber that slides in and out of the mouse.

Looking at the mouse from a direct front view we will discuss the buttons from left to right. The “M” button allows you to switch between fifty-five different macros which can be assigned using the software that comes with the mouse. Between the two regular click buttons is the standard scroll wheel with the profile indicator (1-3-5) sitting above. There is a small indicator light that will let you know which profile is in use. The “D” button is the actual switch to jump between the different DPI settings. The scroll button can be pressed to allow for use of more stored macros. The last two buttons that you can see from front is the “X” and “Y” buttons. These are used in conjunction with the scroll wheel while holding and pressing the actual button and turn the wheel you can just the DPI of that axis.

From this angle the only buttons are the Windows buttons that actually would take you back and forward within a browser as well as other functions depending on the application.

Turning the mouse over we can see that it glide across whatever surface using two large pieces of Teflon. The overall size of the Teflon give the DeathTaker a nice advantage as most of the edges of the mouse make contact with the surface, sliding easier across it.

The high-speed laser can be set between 100 and 5700 DPI. If you want to adjust the sensitivity in between those numbers the software that comes with the mouse can help you do that. We will talk more about the software in a few. With a DPI as high as this your precision targeting should be the last of your issues.

The DeathTaker comes with a pretty long gold-plated USB cord.