Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid Keyboard

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Closer look

Before we get into the details of this new keyboard we most say one more important aspect about Cherry MX Switches. Because of the different variations available (Blue, Brown, Black, Red and Clear) people have a tendency to say one is better for this situation while another is bad for this solution. This is far from the truth. The better Switch is a personal opinion and one that should be made by the person using the keyboard.

Okay back to the QuickFire Rapid. The QuickFire Rapid is a shortened keyboard due to lacking a number pad we are accustomed to seeing off the right side of the board. There are two possible reasons for this. One is to save money during the build and giving the user a more cost effective solution, or the comfort/space factor. When it comes to the latter many people feel that if the keyboard and mice are placed closer together it makes them more comfortable when using both devices. Whichever reason we will not hold that against CM.

The QuickFire Rapid for those that have been around a lot of keyboard is pretty heavy, so don’t let the smaller size fool you. But this is the case for many mechanical keyboards. Most of the weight comes from the sturdy springs used, the contacts and thermoplastic casing used on each key. The board only comes in black for those wandering.

Looking at the QuickFire Rapid from a side angle we see a resemblance of the old school IBM from back in the day. And the indentation in each key helps to enforce this same feeling. Each key is also rubber coated for longer durability. This look is something that many (if not all) mechanical share not just this one from Cooler Master. Each key’s symbol is laser etched into the key to add to longevity.

The QuickFire Rapid regardless of the switches used is aimed mostly has the gamer, especially the first person shooter crowd. This is obviously with the accessories that come with the keyboard which are a set of red directional keys, two black CM keys and a key puller. The directional keys are meant to replace the WASD keys, which are default movement keys in all FPS games. The CM keys can be used to replace the Windows keys if you like.

On most regular keyboards there are small LEDs used to indicate the lock status for Caps, Num and scroll. Due to the lack of territory such LEDs are not applicable so the LED is part of the key itself. Even the Windows key can be locked during gaming sessions to make sure it is not pressed by mistake.

Because the keyboard came with the WASD key installed, we decided to replace them at this point to get a shot of them in place on the keypad. Removing them was pretty simple and effortless. Simply place the clips of the key puller underneath the key and pull upward.

Turning the QuickFire Rapid over we see that it has to two levels of height settings. The first one is completely level with the keyboard resting on a set of rubber pads. The second deck height is highly elevated with the aid of two folder arms.

Another small but unique feature is the USB itself as it is complete detachable. I personally like this because is the cable become damage you can simply replace it as it is micro-USB on one end and standard USB on the opposite end. The cable can be routed underneath the keyboard for better organization.