Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid Keyboard

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Introduction to the Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid Keyboard

One of the most important pieces to a complete PC is the keyboard, without it you are pretty much left with a useless box of expensive electrics. And over the years the keyboard has come a long way. No longer is it just a piece of plastic that we pound on to get around on the web or to input text on a text document. It’s now a precise piece of hardware that helps us to get the highest number of kills or to input those thousands of numbers in that database.

The newest tech in keyboards is the use of Cherry MX Switches. These new switches usually benefit the end user in whatever their intentions are. Whether it’s gaming with speed and precise or general typing with accuracy determine just what set of switches are good for you.

Our test sample today uses the Cherry MX Blue Switches to get its point across. The new item is Cooler Master’s first venture into the keyboard market, the QuickFire Rapid. The Blue Switches are known for their low resistance when operating them but also known for its ‘clicky’ sound they make with each press of a key. To some this sound reminds them of an old IBM keyboard or typewriter.  

Cooler Master’s take on the QuickFire Rapid

Gamers are now able to have an all-encompassing CM Storm experience. The CM Storm QuickFire Rapid is a high-grade mechanical keyboard that employs the best selection of Cherry MX Switches available. It is positioned as a premium quality keyboard with an attractive value proposition. It features a minimalistic design inspiration that makes it both an affordable step into using mechanical keyboards and worthy of competitive use.