Choiix Accu-Mouse: Corded and Wireless

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Introduction to the Choiix Accu-Mouse Laser

Today we will be bring you a cute little review. This review will be on the Coolermaster Choiix Accu-Mouse. When I first since the two little booger the first thing that I could think of is how cute. If you noticed I did say two. Choiix make a standard cordless and a wireless model. And we recieve them both. Choiix designed them for those that work with smaller portables like netbooks and ultra portables. Who knows you may be using one with the new Apple IPad. Read on.

Packaging for the Retractable Accu-Mouse

The packaging for the retractable is a simple blister type. The orange insert gives some details of the mouse and the cable that attaches it to the PC. No software included as its not necessary as they only able to do simple mouse functions. The packaging is easy to open as there are only a couple of sealed points on the outer edge.

Specifications for the Retractable Accu-Mouse

Model C-PM01-W2 (White, Gray w/ green scroll wheel)
C-PM01-S9 (Silver, Gray w/ orange scroll wheel)
Direction 3D
Buttons 3Keys
PC Interface U S B o nly
USB Report Rate 125 times/sec
CPI Resolution 800 dpi
Cable Length 750mm ( 29.53 inches )
Compatibility PC & Mac
UPC Code C-PM01-W2 - 845024000472
C-PM01-S9 - 845024000465

Features of the Retracble Accu-Mouse

  • Uni-Retractable USB cable for convenient portability.
  • Enjoy the precision of a wired mouse without the hassle.
  • High quality, thin, and flexible cable - easily adjusted to your required length.
  • Ergonomically designed mouse for comfortable usage.
  • Accurate and responsive tracking.
  • Treaded scroll wheel facilitates comfortable and accurate scrolling.

Closer look

If you have never heard of Choiix we are here to tell you that they cater to the smaller side of computing. People that spend a lot of time on their laptops and netbooks. The provide laptop coolers, small perpherials like mice, mousepads and sleeves. This retractacle Accu-Mouse is a perfect example of what Choiix is aiming at. The mouse comes in two colors: white and gray. Sporting a 800 dpi laser. Just good enough to explode the screen of smaller computers.

The Accu-Mouse features three buttons: left, right and the scroll wheel. Because there is no software to assign button to do a particular function you a limited to what options you have under the mouse properties in Windows.

The bottom of the mouse shows there are two large skid pads, standard laser and a trip door. Underneath the trip door is the retractable USB cord. When you open the door the USB position of the cable comes out with the opening of the door. This is done because of a small magent. The cord is flat and pretty skinny and pulls out the to the length of 30 inches.

Packaging for the Wireless Accu-Mouse

The packaging for the wireless model is pretty similar to that of the retractable. Except we were easily able to pull the packaging apart as there isn't any sealed points. Included with the mouse is the wireless adapter that connects to any available USB port.

Specifications for the Wireless Accu-Mouse

Model C-WM01-W2 (White, Gray w/ green scroll wheel)
C-WM01-S9 (Silver, Gray w/ orange scroll wheel)
Type 2.5GHz wireless
CPI Resolution 1200 dpi
Interface Mini USB dongle receiver
Battery 2 x AAA batteries
Battery Life 6+ months
LED Indicator LED light indicates low battery life
Operational Distance 5M
Compatibility PC & Mac
Buttons 3
UPC Code C-WM01-W2 - 845024000458
C-WM01-S9 - 845024000441

Features of the Wireless Accu-Mouse

  • Power saving modes for 6+ month battery life.
  • LED indicator indicates power low.
  • Wireless freedom for 5M operation.
  • Snap-in mini USB dongle, don’t need to remove the dongle when carry the notebook.
  • Perfect shape and size for comfortable, fast, and precise tracking.
  • 1200 dpi for responsive, smooth cursor control.

Closer look

I was looking forward to getting around reviewing the wireless vesion of the Accu-Mouse as I hate being attached to a laptop. And with this model you have the freedon of being able to within five meters of the laptop. I find this great if you are using it from a HTPC setup and don't want to use a corded mouse for this type of operation. The wireless communication is based on a 2.4GHz frequency. And just like the retractable model this one also comes in white and gray.

Even though the look similar there are some differences visually. It begins at the mid point of the mice. The wireless version is narrower in the middle reminding us of a small gaming mouse. The white version we recieved green scroll while the gray model sports an orange one. Something else that make this model slightly different from the other is the small LED light above the scroll wheel.

Turning the mouse over we have the typical mouse features. The laser of the wireless model is slightly bit faster than the wired one at 1200 dpi vesus 800. The gap you see tot he right of the laser is a small holding area for the USB adapter when the mouse is not in use.

When it comes to installing the Accu-Mouse it is as simple as plugging the USB adapter into any empty USB port. Give Windows a couple of seconds and you are done.


For some males you may find the Accu-Mouse way too small. I know I did. Placing my on top of the mouse I find my fingers extending far beyond the buttons. In order for me to use the mouse I had just my finger tips on the mouse and the palm of my hand hovering over the top of the mouse. But I did feel more comfortable with the retractable as the side extends farther out that the wireless one.

My wife on the other hand felt more comfortable with each of the mice as her hands are a bit smaller. She was able to navigate through different applications much better than I in the short time she played with it.

I don't game much on my laptop except for an occasional round of Bejewel an other online games. On lower levels I was able to get by easily. And the level got harder and faster I felt myself falling a little bit behind. My wife was able to get to higher level than I. So it wasn't a matter of the mouse being slow but me being comfortable with the units.


Their are plenty portable mice to consider from and today we got the chance to review Choiix aka Coolermaster's versions: Accu-Mouse. They sent us both a wireless one operating on a 2.4GHz and another with a retractable cord. Each performed as well as advertised. Each as ideal for those that want to use a separate mouse and not the one located at the bottom of the keyboard on your laptop. A separate has always being my preference as they are considerably more comfortable than the integrated one. And often times a lot faster and responsive. This is the case for the two Accu-Mouse we looked at today.

We stated that the Accu-Mouse is comfortable to use. Well it all is determined by the user themself. For someone with very large my prefer some thing larger. Smaller hand people will be right at home with the Accu-Mouse. Even so having the Accu-Mouse handy is greater no matter what. Using it not require me lifting my thumb from the mousepad and clicking what ever button i needed to unlike my integrated one on my ASUS laptop.

Choiix is known for producing great looking product while serving their purpose at the same time. We feel the Accu-Mouse lived up to that creed. And we would like to thank Coolermaster for sending over two mice for us to review.

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