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Default IPhone build cost

Getting the ol' screwdriver out of its fanny pack, iSupply has made a live teardown of Apple's iPhone 3GS to find the costs of the speedy and still very shiny smartphone. Fast forward a few days and the conclusion is that the estimated bill of materials for the 16GB iPhone 3GS is $172.46, or $178.96, with the added manufacturing expenses, which is actually higher than the BOM of the iPhone 3G (based on July 2008 pricing).

The most expensive component found in the 3GS is the MLC NAND memory, which is supplied by Toshiba, and costs $24. The second most costly thing is the display module ($19.25), followed by the touchscreen assembly ($16), Samsung ARM-based 600MHz processor ($14.46), and Infineon's baseband chip ($13).
Link to source
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