Filemate 3.5" Hard Drive Enclosure

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Introduction to the Filemate Hard Drive Enclosure 3.5"

We have seen many hard drive enclosures come and go through our lab here at Pro-Clockers. Honestly, they all serve the same purpose and do the same exact thing. What more can it be to build an enclosure that is capable of supporting either a 2.5" or 3.5" hard drive. Chances are the enclosure you pick would connect to the PC via an USB port, firewire or eSATA. Chances are you will have to remove a few screws to install the hard drive. These are just two of the common factors we see with all hard drive external cases. So, what is there to make you decide on one casing over another? Company name, price or simply word of mouth.

Being in this business and having the pleasure of dealing with many enclosures, I would base my purchase on quality of the product. You may ask, "How can you get any idea of the quality of a product, if I have not had it in my hot little mitts?" Many stores will allow you to open a product or would even have a demo or sample of the product available. Take the time to look at it. If you are ever in the mood to purchase a hard drive enclosure and you see the Filemate name on a box, I would suggest taking a closer look.

The Filemate 3.5" hard drive enclosure is an elegant-looking unit that is made of aluminum for much needed heat dissipation. The overall feel of the enclosure is very sturdy and it is easy on the eyes. With USB and eSATA connectivity to the computer , customers have the freedom to move from PC to PC, Mac to Mac or PC to Mac and know you will have a reliable means of transporting their important data or other files.

A take on the Filemate Enclosure from Wintec

The FileMate 3.5” hard drive enclosures are reliable and convenient local data storage solutions for desktop computer users. The 3.5” enclosures are equipped with a high-speed e-SATA and USB 2.0 interfaces and the enclosures are compatible with large capacity 3.5” SATA I/II hard drives up to 2TB. Hard drives are easily installed in 3 simple steps, while the Plug and Play feature allows users to quickly begin using their FileMate enclosures to store and back-up data. The FileMate 3.5” e-SATA & USB 2.0 enclosures are available in Black and White colors.