Coolmax CN390 NAS Enclosure

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Introduction to the Coolmax CN390 NAS Enclosure

Not many of us have the extra funds or parts to build a server for home usage. Honestly, I would not want the higher electric bill that comes with running such a system for the household. Yes, it is cool to be able to run apps for the whole family from a remote machine or prove to your friends that you are a network genius, because you can remote connect to a system and control all the functions of that system from anywhere.

These days, we see a smaller less power hungry way of sharing data amongst your local network. A nice little NAS enclosure is ideal for those who want to house all their important data in one secure location without having to worry about getting on your knees, reaching behind your PC looking for a empty USB port. Not only can a NAS box offer you a place to put all your stuff, but it also offers more than that. With the right enclosure, you can host an iTube server, turn your inkjet printer into a network printer or be a portal for retrieving your data when you are away from home.

There are many reasons today to invest in such an enclosure and because they are accessible from the internet, security measures are capable of warning you via emails. There is more to a NAS enclosure than meets the eye. Coolmax sent us a sample of their CN390 NAS enclosure to see what their unit has to offer. If you are in the need for this type of device, we suggest you read along to see if it will be your next purchase.

Coolmax take on the CN390

Coolmax presents the new economical, cost-saving NAS Model CN-390 SATA Network Enclosure – supporting SATA I/II disks up to 2 TB! You can easily share files among Windows, Mac, and Linux clients via a local network or remote access via web or FTP. Its simple, web-based interface is easy to configure and requires no drivers or servers! Password protection delivers folder-level security. It is perfectly designed for a quiet environment with its aluminum housed noise-free design. Not a techy? Not to worry. This NAS is user-friendly - simple to understand, easy to use.