Patriot Valkyrie NAS Raid Device

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Introduction to the Patriot Valkyrie Enclosure

I have been dealing with and building computers for a long time now. In that time, the comments that I can definitely live without are these two: "I will never need a hard drive as big as this one. It will never fill up' or the classic "I remember when 200MB was the biggest hard drive around and it cost me $700." I hear them everyday and at the same time I hear 'My hard drive is full and I have no more space'. We all could use a little extra space rather it is for backing up important data, clearing up more space on your HDD for your application installations and collecting all that digital content to shift between your own PC and others.

Chances are people within the same household need to access the same data. This is when NAS drives and enclosures come in handy. The ability to link a hard drive to your local area network is ideal. Who really would wants to take a drive from PC to PC to do backups and data transfers.

The safest way to accomplish all this is to invest in a good external storage device. Personally, I am a big fan of constructing my own. There are people that don't have the knowledge or the time to assemble one and wish to just purchase a unit already to go. I don't knock these people at all. We all have other things to do that is more important. But the ideal of building opens the door for upgrading the drives in the future and doesn't void any warranties.

Patriot, being the memory company, has sent over their Valkyrie NAS box. It's a good NAS box as it is one that provide you with a lot of other services, besides just being a holder data from random PC backups. The Valkyrie provides you with multiple server applications for iTunes, media and printer server, just to name a few. The Valkyrie provides you with all this and much much more. These can be setup from a very easy to use GUI. So read along as we take a tour of the Valkyrie and its long list of features.

Patriot on the Valkyrie

The Patriot Valkyrie Dual Bay NAS (Network Attached Storage) device is ideal for homes or offices with multiple computers when used as a central storage server, digital media hub, or FTP server for remote users. Valkyrie is equipped with two 3.5” drive bays (for up to 4TB of storage using SATA HDD), a 500MHz embedded processor, 128MB of RAM., fast Gigabit network capabilities, RAID 0, 1 and JBOD support to keep your data safe and secure. Among the many built in features Valkyrie offers are: FTP server,
UPnP media server, iTunes® server, user and group management, One Touch Backup (OTB), system backup, scheduled backup, PC-less download via P2P Network, Active Directory Services (ADS), and Dynamic DNS. The easy to use interface and comprehensive setup options bring the versatility of a robust network storage device to everyone.