Dynatron Azenx P-Secure Secure HDD Enclosure

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Introduction to the Dynatron P-Secure Enclosure

Over the pass two weeks I have reviewed my fair share of hard drive enclosures. I have told you who is best suited for them as well as why it could be so important for the safety of our data. I won't preach the same old thing this review, I will take it to another level.

Privacy! We can save all the data we want. Share it with other, transport it from home to work and even share it away for backup reasons. But what happens if you have all your data in one location and you want it safe from wondering eyes. What if for some reason you needed to transport digital copies of your social security card or other personal data? And what if you mistakenly lost this data? What then? Most of us would want it lose and not seen by other than open to the individual that find your storage drive.

If you where to lost the Dynatron P-Secure enclosure and had very personal data on the secured partition, you don't have to worry about the founder looking at this data. The P-Secure has a secure partition that you can set the password. Once it is set you do not have much to worry about. But what if we took the drive from the enclosure what then? We will find out.