Silverstone DS221 Dual HDD Raid Enclosure

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Introduction to the Silverstone DS221 HDD Enclosure

Mass storage is something that is not new to many of us....actually any of us. Each and everyone of us seem to need some form of extra hard drive space whether it for family photos, large music collections or to house that huge amount of video footage of your twin girls being born and growing (yes I am talking about myself).

In my case I will want to share to video with everyone as I go from grandparents to uncles and aunts houses. I can sit there and burn the videos to DVD which takes what seems like forever. Or I have the option to copy them over to USB flash drives. But honestly they can get expensive and I would need way too many. Last resort is I can go out and get a USB external hard drive. Then I am restricted to whatever drive that is inside.

So my most reasonable option would be to build my on drive enclosure. This way I can pick whatever enclosure style I like. And I can load the enclosure with any drive I want. Yeah....I like this option better. Silverstone has a new enclosure that will help me accomplish my goal. The new DS221 dual 2.5" drive enclosure is a stylish unit that can house two laptop size drives that can be insert without having to tear apart the box. And if that doesn't get you excitement level up how does it support for RAID 0, 1 and even JBOD.

Silverstone on the DS221

SilverStone created an incredible mobile storage product, the DS221. It connects to the PC via eSATA or USB 2.0 high-speed interface which enables data transfer with maximum compatibility and stability, making DS221 the best choice for storing your data with speed by RAID 0 and JBOD mode or mirror mode by RAID 1.