Prolimatech Megahalems Rev B CPU Cooler

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Introduction to the Prolimatech Megahalems

Every once in a while there is a product that gets the whole community talking. That product is talked about so much that you feel that you have to have one. A product that every time you enter a forum nothing but praises are given to it. With all the talk going on you would think passing out free processors on the corner. This is just the introduction our next review sample got when it came to market.

You could not open an air-cooling thread on any forum and not heard nothing but good things about the Megahalems. The Megahalems is manufactured from Prolimatech, a company that is still consider new as they have only been around for a couple of years. And if the Megahalems is any indications of the things that will come from them well the skies are the limits.

The original Megahalems have been on the market for some time but today we will be take a look at the Rev B of the cooler. There are a few minor difference that set the first cooler apart from the second. One would be the shiny stain-less top fin and the addition of socket 1156 mounting hardware. The tower style cooler when looked at a glance would remind you of a typical tower cooler. But the center divide which is a narrow lane of open space is how it differs from the masses. Honestly, I am to anxious to get into the testing phase of this cooler just to see how well it really performs.

A quick take about the Megahalems from Prolimatech

In early September, Intel has finally released the long-anticipated Socket 1156. In following pursuit, Prolimatech released the bigger and better version of the Megahalems. Now it comes with extra set of fan clips for even better cooling results. It also includes the new all-in-one backplate for an easy, convenient installation on Intel Socket 775, 1156, and 1366. Also added to the upgrade package is the new material for the top fin on this "Mega" heatsink. This particular fin is made of all stainless steel. Its main features incorporate a greater resistance to accidental scratches and oxidation. For regular maintenance, all you have to do is lightly polish it with a soft cloth so you’ll always have that new out-of-the-box shiny looks; great for showing off at LAN parties and to your friends!